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A D D  Y O U R  S I T E

Dear Webmaster,

We welcome you to increase your traffic by submitting your celebrity pages to Celebrity Mania.
How ?


For Single Celebrity Page
Just write an email to which contains : sitename, url, description.


For Multiple Celebrity Pages

Here are the steps you should do:

1. Create a text file containing all your URLs in the following format:

Celebrity Name|Page URL|Page Description

    For example:

Aaliyah||Aaliyah image galleries
.. and so on...

    Please use good English and write all sentence in proper case. Also remember: NO NUDITY please. We reserve the right to
    delete all of your listings at any time if we find any nudity on your site.

2. Send it to and we'll take care of the rest. You just wait to see more traffic comes to your site.


For the last, we will be grateful if you are able to add our links at your pages.



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